Gift «Harmonize your style»

1.5-2 hours of fashion experience under the guidance of professional stylist. You meet with a stylist, discuss your wishes, determine your budget. After meeting, the stylist helps you choose the image that suits you and offers specific models.

Suitable for: If you have a lot of different things in your wardrobe, most of them just lie or do not fit together. You do not understand what clothes to wear. There is no certainty about the integrity of your image. I want to strengthen the strengths of my personality with the help of appearance.

How it goes: A meeting with a cup of coffee, a little theory, analysis of the wardrobe, understanding of a suitable basic wardrobe and colors.

The result is: A selection of 3 styles comes to your mail that suits you and emphasizes your character. Garments are combined with each other. Confident and aware of you.
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