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Valeriya Tvardovskaya
Marketing/ SMM/ PR/ Project Manager specialising in the cultural, arts and entertainment areas
I'm a marketing manager, event coordinator based in Tbilisi. I worked with Edelman Global PR Agency, Hochland Group, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Hardware (Russia), British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow), Channel One Russia, Georgian startup Webfox, Georgian NGOs in art field, participated in 2nd Tbilisi Triennial and Tbilisi Fashion Week and others.

I'm currently open to job offers. Please, feel free to contact me.
I had organised and promoted Public Viewing for Concept Art Program (100 visitors)
I organised and promoted Public Contests with professional actors for Fable 3 promotion activities (400 visitors)
I organised and promoted Open Day in Scream School (20 lectures and 350 visitors), 1689 views in FB streaming, +569 followers in Social Media
How I Can Help
I know how to host a successful event with advance planning, during the event and including post event follow-up.
I have 7 years of experience in facilitating events. I'm able to oversee all aspects of event, including: strategic planning, budgeting, scheduling, implementation, execution and analysis.

I have organised more than 30 events, such as longterm workshop programs for studios, MICE events – conferences for business partners, ceremonies and formal parties for press, concerts, press-launches, the largest product launches for worldwide brands (7K people). I'm able to coordinate the work of facility event staff and serve as a liaison between facility users and facility staff, service providers, public safety agencies and event attendees.

I can develop and implement relevant marketing strategy with short/long term goals and objectives.
I have developed and implemented measures and programs by selecting and effectively using various communication channels, i had responsibilities for establishing which elements in the marketing communications mix best fit to your objectives.

I know 100 marketing tools and use the most suitable ones to get your target audience. I have designed and developed 67 projects such as SMM strategies, ATL and BTL, advertising, public relations, events, promotions, direct mail, brochures, Internet, audio-visual productions, SMS-voting, technical assignments for websites, partnership programs, brand books and others.
How I Work
Process. I provide a project with market analysis and set relevant goals and objectives. Than I create a concept of the project. Develop specification, marketing strategy and key tools. Build a team. Maintain control of execution till the end of a project. I stick to recommendations of PMBOK Guide and Standards.

My tools. I use modern transparent project management approaches - eg, Scrum and Agile-development. My favorite tools are Todoist, Trello, Slack, Keynote, MS Office, Photoshop and InDesign.

Personal growth and curiosity. I am aware of all marketing trends. My Reading List is always full. As an experienced project manager I know which solutions exist in general, and which should be applied in each case.
I enjoyed my time working with Valeriya, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to any team.
I would like to note her strengths, such as ability to synthesise information, to analyse and segment markets. Her knowledge of marketing mix elements, strong customer service orientation and ability to coordinate of group of people was a huge advantage to our company. She put this skillset to work in order to increase our total sales by over 23% in just two quarters.

She is go-ahead specialist, true team player and incredibly hard-working and it allowed her to become a member of the Georgian company.
I confidently recommend Valeriya to join your team as Marketing Communications Manager.
Vladimir Khutsishvili, CEO Webfox
I organised Xbox 360 Launch in Russia
I designed and developed SMM strategy and content plan - part of my annual Marketing Strategy
I organised the Press-launch for Xbox promotion activities
Key Points
My mission
To help people build long-term relationships with company, which provide knowledge and sensual experience in fields of culture and creativity.

My Strengths
Structured thought.
I formulate and formalise tasks, build them in the correct sequences and create a logical and clear process on their basis.

Planning. Ability to organize and prioritize effectively a variety of projects with competing deadlines.

Engagement. I am a person who knows everything and is responsible for everything: starting with a contract relations and ending with a color on site.

Creativity. I'm able to demonstrate creativity, routinely offer new and exciting ideas and concepts that uphold high quality expectations, while remaining cost-effective.
I produced the video-project for Tbilisi Trienal. Watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9Zfdr1wklw
I designed and developed Promo Stickers for Xbox 360
I provided brand with activities for customers on the Igromir (biggest tradeshow in Russia with 10000 visitors)
I'd be glad to discuss your goals and tasks.
Contact me:
[email protected] | (+995)599-73-77-49 | Telegram @leroson
Thank you for your time!